Prenominations are open!

For the first time ever, anyone may nominate a deserving CIO or CISO from the New England technology community.

Prenominations are open for the 2025 ORBIE Awards. Please note that you and the potential nominee will not be alerted to next steps until nominations officially open. Anyone in the community may nominate, and there is no limit to the number of nominations you may submit. The best nominations are from trusted business partners and colleagues who know and are known by the nominee.

Who will you nominate?

When everything works perfectly, no one seems to notice the IT teams responsible for the innovative technology and complex, secure systems required to support modern business and commerce. Until now…

The ORBIE® Award recognizes Chief Information Officers – and for the first time ever, Chief Information Security Officers – for leadership excellence and the business value created through technology innovation.

The ORBIE Awards are presented annually by BostonCIO, the preeminent peer leadership network of New England Chief Information Officers. BostonCIO brings together technology executives from our region’s largest public and private companies, government, education, healthcare and nonprofit organizations to connect, recognize and inspire CIOs to achieve their leadership potential.

Anyone may nominate a deserving CIO and/or CISO. However, the best nominations are from trusted business partners and colleagues who know and are known by the nominee.

Meet the winners of the 2024 Boston CIO ORBIE Awards

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Recognition Technology Leaders Deserve

In 1998, the first ORBIE Awards were presented to three deserving Chief Information Officers in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2024, the ORBIE Awards will be presented in 30 cities, cumulatively recognizing over 1,000 finalists and over 500 CIO winners. Only those who accept their nomination are considered eligible to be named finalists or winners.

The Boston Business Journal will announce the ORBIE finalists in print and online editions on April 5, 2024. All finalists and their organizations are profiled in a Boston Business Journal special section printed the week of the ORBIE Awards.

Judging Criteria

Boston ORBIE nominees must meet the following requirements:

  • Holds the title of chief information officer or equivalent senior IT executive position.
  • Is a member of senior management.
  • Primarily responsible for the IT operations of an organization or subsidiary based in New England.

Finalists and winners are selected by an independent peer review process, led by prior ORBIE recipients.

  • Leadership and management effectiveness
  • Business value created by technology innovation
  • Engagement in industry and community endeavors

And the ORBIE goes to…

An independent, peer-review process led by prior ORBIE winners from across the U.S. determines the finalists and winners. Finalists are slated into categories based upon the size and scope of organization and responsibilities. Sponsors and staff are not involved in judging and results are not announced until the ORBIE Awards event.

The ORBIE Awards is an academy-style awards program featuring a prominent leadership keynote, video interviews of all finalists, and the presentation of the prestigious ORBIE trophies attended by hundreds of business and technology executives.


You get the cred…

ORBIE Finalists and winners appreciate being nominated and frequently thank the person and organization who nominated them at Awards events and even at the Awards event as they accept their ORBIE.

Nominating CIOs or CISOs you know is a great way to invest in relationships with CIOs, CISOs and equivalent c-level technology executives.

Explore 20 years of CIO ORBIE finalists and winners.